I currently live in Calgary Alberta, have been married for over 25 years and am the proud father of two adult children. I'm grateful that my life today is very peaceful as it wasn't always this tranquil.

It is safe to say that my early years were in fact quite turbulent. My father passed away when I was only 6 months old, I lost my mother to cancer at the age of thirteen and some years after that my sister (and only sibling) also passed. Significant losses at a very young age had me asking big questions with seemingly few answers.

I had been exposed to metaphysical concepts from a very early age and after my mother's passing laying cards became my common practice. Although I was too young to fully understand the depth and meaning of the cards, reading them quickly became part of my daily routine.

At first, I looked up the meaning in books, but over time I began to rely more and more on my own intuition. For years I consulted the cards for big and small questions and decisions and over time I came to realize, understand and trust my deep-rooted intuitive abilities.

The 'Astro Mythological (Grand Jeu) of Mlle.Lenormand' deck is what I use for all of my readings. This deck is very unique and contains references to playing cards, geomancy, flower symbolism, numerology, letters, astrology, alchemy, and illustrations from Greek and Egyptian mythology.

In a reading the cards help me to establish a quick connection. I draw on my intuition and my inner knowing to give interpretation to the cards and insight into your questions. A reading can help clarify decisions, make sense of emotions and relationships, clear creative blockages, shed light on ambitions and assist in understanding your life purpose.